APA Pagan Seminar – 5/21/2023

Contributed by Jack Peredur

Coming online, Sunday, May 21. Presented by Ancient Path Augusta ( https://www.ancientpathaugusta.com ).  Log in at  https://ancientpathaugusta.webinargeek.com/apa-pagan-symposium .

Agenda (subject to change as matters evolve):

9:50 – Welcome by David Ewing, APA High Priest

10:00 Opening Keynote. The Wild Hunt. Tchipakkan, host of Otherworldly Podcast and Author

11:00 APA Spiral Scouts Circle 564 video

11:15 Baneful Magick,  Rev. Mela Borowski, 3 Rays of Light Center, Lexington SC

12:15 APA Board Report. Brandy Gunsolus, APA Elder High Priestess

12:45 Introduction to Numerology. David Ewing, APA High Priest

1:45 Fort Gordon Open Circle video

2:00 Real Magic: From Dusty Grimoires to Modern Fiction. Jack Peredur, Author, Ravenwood Associates *

2:45 Southeastern Pagan Events video

3:00 Closing Keynote. Dream Magick: Journey Through the Nocturnal Underworld. Robin Corak, Sisterhood of Avalon and Author

4:00 Thank you and Closing Remarks. David Ewing, APA High Priest

* – “Real Magic” was first presented at CONjuration, November 4-6, 2022. The slide set has since been updated and is attached:  Hard and soft magic for APA Pagan Seminar Sun May 21 2023

Jack Peredur

Jack Peredur

Merry meet! I’m Jack Peredur, author of Ravenwood: A Seeker’s Memoir. You’ve probably read my bio on the main Associates’ page, so I won’t say more here. If you want to know, read the books or ask me in the Forum. Got lots of random knowledge to share!