Book 16, Rain in the Garden, is out!

Contributed by Jack Peredur

The Story Continues…

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Book 16. Rain in the Garden

In the world now called Marsan’s time is rushing headlong, years passing with every day on Earth. How much longer can Norma wait before it carries her and the others there past all hope of rescue?

Wandering a dim wasteland, though, soon after the Ravenwood Disaster Jack found a Museum of lost things where Mel awaited his coming. Now he and Sue have used the Yellow Corridor to create a way back in hope of finding her there again. And might the Museum also hold keys to reaching Norma and the others?

While on Earth there are new developments. For Sue at last has accepted Jack’s proposal of marriage, and his mother has loaned her own engagement ring as tangible symbol. In return, though, she insists on planning their wedding and their future “back home” in New Jersey, far from Calhoun and the Garret.

Will flowers bloom in sunshine for the happy day? Or will it Rain in the Garden?

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Jack Peredur

Jack Peredur

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