Books 10, 11 and 12 Are Out!

Contributed by Jack Peredur

Three new books in Ravenwood: A Seeker’s Memoir are now available as trade-size paperbacks or Kindle e-books on Amazon:

Book 10: The Dim City.

Though still recovering from his wounds Jack is home at last…and he’s brought a friend! In those ruins across the Lake, though, some ancient power is stirring. What wonders and horrors will the reunited Garret Gang face in The Dim City?

Book 11: Into the Depths.

Following clues in old books long disregarded as fiction, Jack and the others have opened a way into the dead city. Ahead lies a labyrinth where stone steps spiral into darkness. What awaits the Gang when they follow Into The Depths?

Book 12: Second-Hand Gods.

Leaving Brian, Suzanne has tearfully returned to the Garret. But banned from chemistry and campus, will Jack still be able to stay there with her? And even as they develop new powers as Second-Hand Gods, can the Gang survive the perils of two worlds?

Go to the Ravenwood Associates homepage and select “Buy Books” from the drop-down menu at upper right. It’ll show you the Kindle versions, but if you like the feel of real actual paper, scroll down past my smiling face (grin!) and you can select “Paperback” too.

Or if you’ve not been keeping up with the Ravenwood saga, you can buy or download the earlier books from this same page. I strongly recommend you read them in numerical order: The Moon Path, The Garret and so on. Here are the first nine, also available at “Buy Books”.

Jack Peredur

Jack Peredur

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