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The Story Continues…

The next three books in Ravenwood: A Seeker’s Memoir are now available as trade-size paperbacks or Kindle e-books on Amazon: Book 13, Syzygy!, Book 14, Fools and Paladins, and Book 15, Moondark and Sunfire. On our homepage, hover your cursor over the cover art to see a blurb of what each book is about…or just scroll down in this post and read those same blurbs below.

Book 13. Syzygy!

The Thirteen are alive! Though the Ravenwood disaster hurled them into a blasted world, through luck and ingenuity they have survived. Norma has managed to send a message back – “We live!” – and the Garret Gang has replied. Can they be closer to bringing the lost ones home?

Banned from chemistry, Jack has found new employment doing home repair and remodeling. With sight, self-confidence and income restored he’s asked Suzanne to marry him…and she’s said “yes”!

First, though, they must pass or defeat the wakened guardians of the ancient city…and quickly! For soon comes a rare and potent alignment of suns and moons, the Syzygy of Seven, and only while it lasts can Mel hope to fulfill her mission from the Guardians.

To help, another has joined them: Cissy’s friend Chuck Taylor, a brilliant engineering student now mind-bonded to her by Jack’s drug. Can he help the growing coven find the Tree, and Mel pass the Watchers, before the Syzygy ends?

Book 14. Fools and Paladins

Beneath a sky where circling moons meander
Amid the stars of Taurus’ teeming cluster
Broods a dim city older far than Luxor,
Its walls and halls more ruinous, though grander.

Deep in its heart, within a warded chamber
Which only fools and paladins dare seek,
Upon a throne of granite gray and bleak
Its final King sits wrapped in timeless slumber…

Grown certain the poet spoke of the old city beyond the Mist, the Garret Gang has followed its clues to a long-sealed door hoping to wake the King as an ally. But horror guards the threshold, hundred-armed and Gorgon-eyed. Can they win through to reach the King? If they succeed, will waking him bring the help they seek, or unleash further peril? And can all this be done before the circling moons break alignment and the Syzygy ends?

Who will walk the razor’s edge separating Fools and Paladins…and who will fall?

Book 15. Moondark and Sunfire

The Garret Gang has found and wakened the King, and through His power they’ve helped right an age-old wrong against which even Gods stood powerless. In return the Dim City and its wonders are theirs now, cleansed of horror. But it’s scant comfort, for Mel, so recently sent back by the Guardians to aid the rescue, has been taken in revenge by the fleeing abominations.

New friends and allies arrive to supplant her, though: the stone giant Ulphorach and a human trio as well, a small coven from the plains of Kansas. Pooling their efforts and knowledge the expanded Gang accepts new responsibilities as prospective Champions of the Light, and conceives a new mission: find Mel, the Ravenwood victims and all others taken like them, in whatever worlds they now dwell. Find them, open their prison doors, and free them all!

What will the fledgling Champions find as through Moondark and Sunfire they sift the labyrinth of worlds?


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