The Chocolate Ritual

Contributed by Wayfinder

Adapted for Ancient Path Augusta (APA) celebration of Eostre, the Vernal Equinox, on Saturday, March 23, 2024.

This ritual is a parody of Wiccan rites from the Gardnerian tradition, especially the prose form of the Charge of the Goddess and the Blessing of Cakes and Wine. The original was Copyright 1993 by John L. Shepard, who gave permission to repost it as long as this acknowledgement remained attached. A modified version was performed at Midsummer Magick 2006 at A. H. Stephens State Park in Georgia.

With Ravenwood Associates’ developing relationship with Ancient Path Augusta ( website; facebook ), an open teaching coven and church of the old religions, we offered to help conduct an updated version of it for the coven’s Eostre celebration for 2024. They accepted our offer, and we adapted the ritual a little further to accommodate the layout of APA’s permanent Circle and for other reasons. It went well, and “a good time was had by all.”

A complete script, including preparations and stage directions, is at   APA Eostre chocolate ritual 3-23-2024 . We encourage other covens to use it, either as-is or adapted in any way they choose, in their own Eostra (or Ostara or Ladyday or…?) celebrations. We ask only that the credits to John Shepard, to Ravenwood Associates and to APA remain attached. Thank you.



Chuck Taylor dragged me into this! I’m a retired engineer and teacher. Chuck and I met at an IEEE conference many years ago, and we bonded instantly. Gradually earning each other’s trust, we found other common interests as well…and long story short, I’m now a frequent visitor at the Ravenstead and helped Yamaya put together the Seasons of Ceremony. Just call me a thaumaturgical engineer!