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Contributed by Jack Peredur

After nearly two decades, Suzanne and I have decided to quit attending Dragon Con in Atlanta each Labor Day weekend. Dragon Con has been great but it’s “all things to all people,” not focused on magic or fantasy or the paranormal. Also it’s just too big, too long and too spread out for us “elders.” The last few times we attended just about wore us out.

So from now on we’ll be attending an annual rotation of smaller, more focused cons held within a day’s drive of the Ravenstead. For 2023 these will be:

FantaSci ( ) in Durham, North Carolina, the last weekend in March each year. In 2023 it will be held at the Hilton Doubletree at Raleigh-Durham Airport, from Friday, March 24 to Sunday, March 26. From their webpage, “FantaSci is a convention by the fans for the fans that is dedicated to raising the awareness of, and appreciation for, science fiction and fantasy in all its forms with a primary focus on allowing guests and fans to interact in a relaxed atmosphere.”

ConGregate ( ) in Winston-Salem each year in mid-July. In 2023 it will be at the Downtown Marriott and Embassy suites, from Friday, July 14 (le quatorze juillet; Suzanne and I will be celebrating Bastille Day!) through Sunday, July 16. From their webpage, “ConGregate is a completely volunteer run, science fiction convention, held in the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina… The interactive nature of our con allows fans an opportunity to interact directly with the guests and other fans…” It’s not just sci-fi, though; there’s lots of magic too!

CONjuration ( ) – our favorite! – held in Atlanta, GA the first weekend in November. From the webpage, “CONjuration is an immersive, fan directed, magical fantasy convention…designed to provoke thought, wonder and fun!” See my writeup under “Recent Events,” above.

…Plus, of course…

EarthFest Augusta ( ) in Augusta, GA in mid-November. Not a con, just a day at the fairground full of magic-themed events and vendors. I’ll post more info as it becomes available.

Others are possible, and when the remaining books in the Ravenwood Series are further along we may expand the rotation or make some substitutions. Watch this space for updates!

Jack Peredur

Jack Peredur

Merry meet! I’m Jack Peredur, author of Ravenwood: A Seeker’s Memoir. You’ve probably read my bio on the main Associates’ page, so I won’t say more here. If you want to know, read the books or ask me in the Forum. Got lots of random knowledge to share!