Seasons of Ceremony – A Yearly Cycle of Rituals

Contributed by Jack Peredur

I can highly recommend the Seasons of Ceremony by Yamaya, a Ravenwood Associate of long standing. This is a yearly cycle of rituals intended chiefly for the solitary practitioner, though of course they can be adapted easily for use by couples or small groups.

Everything you’ll need to know is included, from a list of required items through preparing the place, preparing yourself, the ritual itself (usually including a meditation or the making of some useful magical tool), then some things you’ll probably want to do in the following days, weeks or months to finish up. Most sections are in extra-large type for easy reading even by candlelight.

While crafted on traditional lines and according to age-proven principles, these are ORIGINAL rituals. Symbols and wording which other specific traditions may consider their own have been deliberately avoided. Hence, in using Seasons of Ceremony rituals you will inherit none of the magical “baggage,” for good or ill, which might come with a spell copied from some other source.

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Jack Peredur

Jack Peredur

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