Which Witch is Which?

Contributed by Jack Peredur



To avoid repeating the same information in Book after Book, since these summaries have grown so large, those below are now complete for all seventeen Books of Ravenwood: A Seeker’s Memoir. Readers of the books following Syzygy! in the Ravenwood Series are urged to keep this one at hand should they wish to use it for reference.

Calhoun/Russell (1972) Morgan’s Cliff (1848)
Given Name Witch Name Given Name Witch Name*
Jason T. (“Jack”) Peredur Aglorand Caleb Barnes Peredur
Norma Stevens Aiolynn Elspeth Elspeth
Alaine Lancaster
(married name Alaine Ehrhardt)
Carl Ehrhardt Hephaistos
Nick Valentine Gulliver
Dawn (“Margaret Reynolds”) Aurora
Joachim (“Jake”) Madden Magus
Tina Moore Rhiannon
Frank Warden Franquar
Belinda Carswell Wikima
Suzanne Marat Morgaine Morgaine Morgaine
Melusine (“Mel”) Collins Melusine Melusine Melusine
Sylvia (“Cissy”) Adams Lauriávë
Charles (“Chuck”) Taylor Proteus
(Name withheld by her own request) Nephthys **
Fred Walden Erebus **
Amy Walden Nyx **

* – Melusine told us children born into Rowan Tree Coven were given Craft-inspired first names, and upon recognition as adults often chose to keep them as their witch names also. Surnames were seldom used, and middle names uncommon. Caleb, having been born to Christians in Jonah’s Mill, took his witch name from a vivid dream of his coming lifetime as Jack.
** – A member of Moondark Coven, based in Willow Bend, Kansas.

Jack Peredur

Jack Peredur

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